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GreenPath Baby Carries the best diaper brands like Lalabye Baby Cloth Diapers, Smart Bottoms Cloth Diapers, Grovia Cloth Diapers, Rumparooz Cloth Diapers, BumGenius Cloth Diapers, Best Bottoms Cloth Diapers and more!  help you keep baby safe from chemicals while helping the environment and your wallet.  Keep rashes away while looking adorable in modern cloth diapers!  Choose from AIO (all-in-ones), AI2 (All-in-two), Fitteds, Prefolds, or Flats.  There is a type of cloth diaper for every budget and family!  Choose from our best loved brands!

How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need to Start?

24-36 cloth diapers in any style of your choice. If you choose a two-piece system such as Grovia we recommend 24 inserts and 6 covers. This number is based on changing an infant 8-10 times a day and washing your diapers every other day. Washing every other day is the best way to prevent your diapers from becoming stinky or moldy.  If your child is 12 months or older you may not need the full 24 cloth diapers.  See how many diaper changes you go through in one day and double it (for a two-day supply). 

Still Overwhelmed by Cloth Diapers?

Contact us at for a cloth diapering 101 package.  Learn about the advantages of using cloth diapers and how it can save your baby's bum, the environment and money!