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The Making of Lalabye Baby Exclusive Into The Woods

Lalabye Baby Into The Woods

GreenPath Baby and Lalabye Baby have been working together for about 4 years.  We started out in South Florida and when Melissa the owner of Lalabye Baby reached out to me stating that she started a new cloth diaper company I was ecstatic to have a local "partner in crime".  Our community is really small but really close knit.  Melissa and I started working together almost right away.  I knew Lalabye Baby was an amazing quality diaper with some great features like the rainbow snaps on the waist to make it easier for parents to tell where the snaps should go.  We got together in the past to release exclusives like Little Chick, which was a solid baby yellow diaper, but nothing compared to the madness that was the release of Into the Woods.  We knew it had to be a print, and a great one at that so we started working with an idea and the designer.  I definitely knew it had to be a woodland print so we had the artist draw up woodland watercolor animals.  Because of the time of year when the diaper would be released, we knew a dark blue blackground would be the perfect choice for a fall/winter diaper.  The result was so gorgeous we were speechless.  We knew it would be pretty, but we did not expect the final product to be so incredible in person.

Lalabye Baby Into The Woods Diaper

Lalabye Baby Diapers Into The Woods

The day of the release we decided to host a party, like we do for most of the Lalabye Baby releases. However, we did not expect the amazing reaction from our customers.  We had a LINE out the door and when we opened at 11am it was pandamonium (in a good way).  Melissa and her family decided to stop in for our release party and we had so much fun!  She got to meet her most loyal customers and take some pictures!  Everyone was so excited to finally meet her, it was an amazing feeling to be able to talk a momtrepreneur who is so great at what she does.  We released the diapers to our online customers at 11:00am and boom!  They sold out within 29 minutes.  What a rush!  We look forward to another amazing release with Lalabye Baby soon!

Lalabye Baby Into the Woods

Lalabye Baby Into the Woods

Lalabye Baby Into the Woods

Lalabye Baby Into The Woods Lalabye Baby Into The Woods






Amber Powers

Amber Powers said:

I would love to buy one of the Large cloth diaper sets. We are trying to have a baby and I want to cd this time around.

Heidi Knight

Heidi Knight said:

My favorite

Rachel Martin

Rachel Martin said:

I missed out on this beauty!!! Will you be doing another remake and release of this by chance? Pretty pleaseeeeeeee??

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