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  • The Making of Lalabye Baby Exclusive Into The Woods

    We definitely knew it had to be a woodland print so we had the artist draw up woodland watercolor animals.  Because of the time of year when the diaper would be released, we knew a dark blue blackground would be the perfect choice for a fall/winter diaper.  The result was so gorgeous even were speechless. View Post
  • We are so excited for the release of the NEW Lalabye Baby diaper named Doodle Zoo!  This cute black and white (draw on me) diaper is perfect for those mamas who love the idea of a doodle diaper without actually having to get out the fabric markers and risk messing up their limited edition beaut... View Post
  • Lalabye Baby Exclusives for FALL 2016!

    If you have followed our store for ANY length of time whatsoever you know that there are a few brands that we are OBSESSED with.  One of them is Lalabye Baby.  True Fact here, GreenPath Baby was Lalabye Baby's first-ever retailer and we have continued to love them ever since.  Every once in a whi... View Post