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BumGenius Sierpinski Release

Vanessa Tomchik

Posted on January 27 2016

BumGenius Sierpinski Release

BumGenius Sierpinski

At GreenPath Baby we ALWAYS look forward to a good release!  Cottonbabies, the makers of BumGenius, and Flips never seem to disappoint.  Some of my all-time favorite prints have been released by them, including Jules and Audrey.  For today's release, Cottonbabies chose to go with Sierpinski. Waclaw Sierpiński was a Polish mathematician known for his work on set theory, number theory and the theory of functions and topology. He delivered the first-ever lecture course on theory, and has published more than 700 papers and 50 books on this subject. Sierpinski has received numerous awards and recognitions for his contributions to mathematics. He has three well-known fractals in his honor, including the Sierpinski triangle. We are so happy to bring you this GORGEOUS mathematically inspired diaper! We love this addition to the genius series and absolutely love the use of some of the most loved BG colors such as Hummingbird, Grasshopper and Sassy.  Can't wait to see this beauty OTB!!!

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